Point of Use Water Heater Supports

More and more local building codes are requiring that point of use water heater installations be provided with a means to drain water from a potential leak or safety valve opening into the building’s plumbing system.

A&A Magnetics has the answer to this problem for you with 2 different styles of water heater mounts.
The wall mount unit comes equipped with welded on brackets and gussets as well as 2 rings for supporting the front of heavier water heaters with 1/2 inch diameter threaded rods.
The suspended style has 4 rings for hanging from the ceiling with 1/2 inch diameter threaded rods. This unit may also be placed on an existing shelf.

Both styles are provided with a welded on 1 inch internally threaded pipe coupling for connection to black iron or PVC pipe.

While other sizes are availible on request, standard sizes are 20 X 20 and 30 X 30 inches.
These units will save you fabrication time and money in field installations and can be shipped by UPS to any location in the continental United States.

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