Magnetic Sweepers

A&A Magnetic Sweepers handle a variety of scrap metal problems from the quick pick up of nails and other lightweight materials to larger jobs requiring maximum magnetic strength. Our sweepers remove damaging steel from parking lots, lumber yards, construction sights and anywhere else hazardous metal is a problem. They are constructed with permanent ceramic magnets to provide years of cost-saving use and are available in several standard models to fit your various needs.

The MSI is a light-duty floor sweeper for quick pick ups of nails, staples, wire and other metal debris. This unit is equipped with 6″ wheels and provides 8 pounds of pulling force.

The MFS Floor Sweeper handles your toughest scrap metal problems. This sweeper picks up nails, tie wires, and tramp iron to protect employees and equipment. This self-cleaning model features adjustable height from 1″ – 3″ and 10″ soft tread, solid rubber tires.

The MRS Magnetic Road Sweeper picks up even heavy scrap metal from both smooth and unpaved surfaces. These units are available in 6-foot and 8-foot widths. They feature adjustable ground clearance, self-contained, removable chip pans and can be operated in any weather conditions. These units are frequently used for FOD (foreign object damage) control on airport runways.

The YSI and YSS Yard Sweepers┬ásave costly tire repair bills and collect dangerous metal debris as you work. The YSI is a self cleaning unit, while the wider 60″ YSS model is manually cleaned. Both models are equipped with eye bolts for easy mounting on any vehicle bumper in seconds.

The FLS Clamp-On Magnet can turn any forklift into a magnetic floor sweeper. Availible in widths from 3 to 8 feet, these self cleaning units maneuver easily around machinery and other obstacles to effectively pick up scrap metal.

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MSI 24″ /36″ Floor Sweepers


MFS 24″ /36″ Floor Sweepers


MRS 72″ /96″ Road and Runaway Sweepers


YSI 24″/36″ and YSS 60″ Hanging Sweepers


FLS Forklift Mounted Sweepers