Heavy Duty Drums

A and A Heavy Duty Drums are non-electric separators ideal for applications that require deeper draw and additional holding power. These units provide a powerful, permanent magnetic field to separate ferrous material from materials such as shredded scrap, municipal wastes, foundry sand, and other industrial processes. Material is fed over the top of the drum where a revolving cylinder carries it over a stationary magnet. The magnetic field attracts and holds tramp iron beyond the discharge of cleaned product flow. Tramp iron is then released into a separate discharge as it leaves the magnetic field. The self-cleaning drums are equipped with a standard chain and sprocket drive and are available in standard diameters of 24″, 30″, and 36″. Other diameters are available on request. Widths are determined by customer requirements. Single shaft mounting allows easy installation either by suspension or support from below.

The capacities shown apply to the separation of normal tramp iron from free-flowing, granular materials. To determine the width of separator required, follow the line in the chart closest to the known capacity (in cubic feet per hour), to the right to the intersection of the diagonal lines representing the drum diameters. Follow the vertical line closest to the right of this intersection to the bottom of the chart to the required width.

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