A and A Magnetic Drawer Grates remove tramp metal from dry, free-flowing materials such as sugar, spices, plastics and chemicals. These grates are located directly over machinery openings and below material hoppers so that all material must pass before entering the process machinery, insuring constant magnetic protection. These in-line magnetic filters are ruggedly constructed to support the weight of material hoppers, dryers and mixers. The magnetic housings match existing hopper mounting facilities for easy installation.

A and A Magnetic Grate Assemblies are easily installed into existing rectangular or round duct systems for effective removal of tramp iron from free-flowing materials such as chemicals, grains and foodstuffs. These units are available in four bank models for fine iron separation and in two bank models for coarser tramp iron removal. Standard housing is of mild steel construction. Doors are hinged to allow easy removal, cleaning and replacement of the magnets. The individual drawers readily slide in and out on runners. Standard magnetic material is Alnico, Ceramic, or Rare Earth. Transition sections that adapt housing to duct work are optional, as is stainless steel construction.
Note: For greatest efficiency in tramp iron removal, the overall open area (space between tubes) should be approximately 10% greater than the cross sectional area of the duct.

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