Computer Controlled Precision Plasma Cutting

A&A Magnetics offers computer controlled precision plasma cutting with our KOMAT’SU Model KCR 12612. The ability to cut from acad compatable original drawing files or sketches leads to short turnaround periods for orders. Plasma cutting is excellent for prototype parts or production runs with quantities not large enough to justify the expense of hard tooling.


  • Cutting Area – 72″ x 144″ (1,829mm x 3,658mm)
  • Positioning Accuracy within .004″ (0.1mm)
  • Cutting Capacity at 100% Duty Cycle
  • Mild Steel = .062″ (1.6mm) to 1.00″ (25.4mm)
    Stainless Steel / Aluminum = .062″ (1.6mm) to .75″ (19mm)
  • Closer Cutting Tolerance than Convention Hi-Def Plasma
  • Laser Quality at Lower Hourly Rate

Prototype CBS Frame

End weldment parts and end panel cut completely on plasma cutter. No layout work, drilling, punching or shearing. Note slots (arrow) in lifting plates and tabs in mating plates to self-locate parts for welding.

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